Lou Anders Frostborn Thrones and Bones

Do you like adventure stories? Dragons? Giants? Trolls? How about Manticore? Chimera? Minotaurs?


How about games? Sword battles? Daring chases? Thrilling rescues?


Thrones and Bones has all of that and more.



Thianna and Karn are the same age. Hmmm, why is she so tall?

The Story: Once upon a time, a giant was out for a walk on a snowy mountain when he looked up and saw a woman falling from the sky. He caught her. She wouldn't tell him who she was or how she came to fall, but asked him to hide her in his village. They fell in love, and they had a daughter, who they named Thianna. Now, Thianna is twelve years old and seven feet tall, too tall for a human but too short for a giant. She's never been interested in her human half, but the mystery of her mother's people is about to change her life for good.

Karn is a boy growing up on a large farm. He's expected to run it one day, but he'd much rather play his favorite board game, the game Thrones & Bones. His uncle Ori would be very happy to run the farm, but tradition forbids it. But Ori has a plan to eliminate Karn and his father. When Karn's treacherous uncle makes his move, he flees.

In the snowy wilderness on the border between nations, Karn and Thianna meet. Together, they'll have to fight enemies not all of them human if they are to survive.

The World: The story is set on another world, in the northernmost corner of a continent called Katernia. Karn's people live in Norrøngard, a land similar to our own Scandinavia, with a culture similar to the Vikings. Thianna lives in the Ymirian mountain range, a place where no humans live, but home to frost giants, trolls, and other creatures. As the Thrones and Bones series continues, we see our heroes visiting some of the many other lands I've created, places based on European and Mediterranean lands. I have a good time sending my Norse-inspired people out of their corner of the globe out into the wider world. But Frostborn is the place to start.

The Game: The title of the series, Thrones & Bones, is also the name of the board game that Karn plays. I invented the game for the book, basing it loosely on a real game called hnefatafl that the Vikings played. The Rules for Thrones & Bones are in the back of the novel Frostborn. You can use them as a guide to make your own set. Kids around the country have been making Thrones & Bones sets and showing me their pictures! It's really cool. And Nightborn and Skyborn each have games in them as well.

Lou Anders Frostborn Thrones and Bones
Lou Anders Frostborn Thrones and Bones

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